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ChatGPT Tutorial – How I learn OpenAI’s AI Marvellous Tool

ChatGPT is an amazing tool with hundreds of use cases, for work and play. I will show you how to use this AI chatbot.

It appears that everyone is talking about AI in 2024. In all other AI platforms, ChatGPT is by far the most well-known tool.

Typically for great reason – it's biggest AI Brand, free, and simple to use.

If you never use AI before, you will find it overwhelming. After all, I've been told that AI is an ultimate powerful tool that could change the world, so how do you start?

CHATGPT TUTORIAL For Accountants, Auditors and General Public

In this article I will cover the nuts and bolts of ChatGPT, such as how to sign up, how to type in prompts, and whether or not it's worth subscribing to the premium subscription.

In this ChatGPT Tutorial:

  • How to Sign Up for ChatGPT FREE

  • How to Utilize ChatGPT Prompts

  • How to Make Pictures in ChatGPT

  • How to Manage How ChatGPT Employments Your Data

  • How to Erase a ChatGPT Account

  • Ought to You Update to ChatGPT Additionally?

  • How to Utilize the ChatGPT GPT Store

How to Sign Up ChatGPT FREE

To begin with the great news – ChatGPT is free to utilize.

There's a paid-for membership benefit as well, that provides more powerful features, but I'll do it alter. First, you need to sign up for ChatGPT.

Let's go Open AI website and tap on the 'Sign up' button. Here, you'll include your email address, or you can use login from Google, Microsoft or Apple account. When you enter your mail address and password. You can see it will suggest password to be at least 12 characters long.

You'll then receive an email asking you to confirm your address. After opening the email and clicking the linked link, you'll be asked to provide your full name and birthdate.

You're in once you've completed this! At this point, the platform offers you some usage advice, warning you not to share sensitive information and that the service might provide erroneous information. Later on, we'll discuss that one.

Your AI adventure will begin when you click the "Message ChatGPT" box located at the bottom of the ChatGPT screen.

This is often where you'll enter all your ChatGPT prompts.

What will happen after you have access to ChatGPT? You're going to require some activity or conversation called prompts, then.

How to Utilize ChatGPT Prompts

Prompts are a common topic of conversation after you begin using ChatGPT and other AI services. In essence, these are the commands you give an artificial intelligence (AI) to carry out a task; some are more effective than others.

You have the option of making your own prompts or just using others. For instance, we've developed some prompts to assist you maximise your productivity at work and others that will inspire you to reach your greatest potential.

To create your own custom prompts, you must first clearly define your goals for ChatGPT. Employ terms that are instructive, such as "write," "explain," "create," etc. The outcome will be better if your command is explicit.

The key to making your own prompts is to be clear as to what you want ChatGPT to actually do. Utilize guidelines words such as 'Write', 'Explain' 'Create', etc. The clearer your command, the superior the result will be.

You should then include a tonne of background. As we previously discussed, vague instructions such as "write a poem" will result in a poetry that is not what you intended. Clearly state what you would like ChatGPT to include in your instructions. In the same way, you may instruct it on what NOT to include. Do you want your cat poetry to be dog-free? No issue, just remember to inform it.

Being truthful and transparent about your emotions when using ChatGPT could also help. We know this seems a little strange, but studies have shown that adding comments like "this is very important to my career" or "you'd better be sure" increases the likelihood that a user will receive a better answer.

In case you get a response from ChatGPT that you like, but isn't 100% perfect, you don't need to start from scratch. Fair tell the AI where it went off-base, and it'll attempt once more, taking your rectification into thought. Attempt something like 'Can you write the over once more, but this time with 12 lines rather than 16.'

In the event that you're not upbeat with what ChatGPT gives you, inquire it to create refinements

Giving ChatGPT a little more information about yourself can also help it respond to you more specifically. We're not advocating that you enter your mother's maiden name and social security number here (please don't do that), but let's suppose you're utilising it to assist in creating a cover letter for a job opening. In that case, proceed with caution. If you identify yourself as a project manager to ChatGPT, it will respond with greater precision and attention.

In order for ChatGPT to personalise your comments every time, you may actually provide it with some information about yourself in advance. To accomplish this, click on your profile in the lower left corner to bring up the Customise ChatGPT option. Here, you may customise the way you want the platform to react and add personal information about yourself. For instance, you may choose the length of replies you want in general and the manner in which you wish to be addressed.

Share a few points of interest approximately yourself to have ChatGPT tailor future responses.

How to Create Images in ChatGPT

You may be thinking that there is nothing ChatGPT can't accomplish at this time. That's not exactly correct; at least not in the free version. It cannot produce photos. If you try it, you'll get something like this: "I'm an AI text-based model; I can't create images directly."

While DALL-E, an AI picture generating platform, is also run by OpenAI, accessing it isn't quite as simple as with ChatGPT. DALL-E 3, the most recent version, is a part of the ChatGPT Plus package, which is a paid service. DALL-E 2, which was once free to use, is no longer taking sign-ups.

On the other hand, there are several free AI picture generating choices available, such as Nightcafe, Canva, Adobe Firefly, and Bing picture generating.

How to Manage How ChatGPT Uses Your Information

Users are cautioned by ChatGPT not to divulge too much personal information. This is sound advice for any online platform, but with ChatGPT in particular, as there have been instances in the past where the site has exchanged personal information.

You should never disclose important corporate information, passwords, and personal information with ChatGPT.

This year, OpenAI added a feature to ChatGPT called Memory, which does just what its name says—allows the tool to save personal data for later use. You can turn this off if you don't like the way it sounds. Navigate to Memories under Settings > Personalisation.

Much like your web browser, ChatGPT remembers everything you've got entered already, but you'll manage this as well. Beneath Settings > Common, it's possible to see at all past chats, and erase them exclusively. You'll moreover select to erase them all in one swoop, with the ruddy button.

How to Erase a ChatGPT Account

If you choose ChatGPT isn't for you, then deleting your account, and all associated data, is straightforward.

Head to Settings > Information Controls. Here you'll discover a red 'delete account' option. Before you press on it in spite of the fact that, you'll wish to form use of the option above it, 'export data'. This enables you to spare a record of your looks some time recently nuking your account.

If you decide to erase your account, it's worth recalling that this is lasting and can't be fixed. In fact, OpenAI won't indeed permit you to sign up again within the future with the same mail address. You moreover won't be able to get to other OpenAI administrations, such as picture maker Dall-E.

Should You Update to ChatGPT Additionally?

If you're just starting out on your ChatGPT journey, at that point the free version will be all you wish. Be that as it may, if you rapidly gotten to be an AI whizz, there are perks to the subscription service that may appeal to you.

The primary thing to know is that the Plus level costs $20 a month. For that, you'll get access to a more capable ChatGPT model, GPT-4, but you'll also utilize the standard GPT 3.5 too. GPT-4 is more capable, but takes longer to respond, which may be an issue if you're a overwhelming user.

Furthermore supporters are too able to make pictures straightforwardly inside the ChatGPT environment, via DALL-E 3 (as well as use it separately, if they wish).

Perhaps the biggest draw of ChatGPT Plus, is the capacity to use custom GPTs and plugins. With Plus, users can get to the ChatGPT store and get to hundreds of GPTs made for specific assignments.

How to Use the ChatGPT GPT Store

A relatively new expansion for ChatGPT Additionally clients, the ChatGPT store is a treasure trove of valuable applications that can truly up your GPT diversion. In case you're struggling with prompts, or want to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT but don't have the experience, then having access to these GPTs can be a genuine boon.

For case, Logo Creator, will, as the name recommends, allow you to create logos specifically from ChatGPT in seconds. GPT Agreement, one of the foremost prevalent GPTs, with over two million downloads, lets users look 200 million scholarly papers.

Using GPTs from the store is as basic as clicking on the one you like the look of, and hitting 'Start chat'. You can also utilize the search work to narrow down what you're looking for, and we'd suggest paying consideration to the star appraisals as well – a few GPTs are definitely better than others, and the ratings will let you center on the ones worth your time.

Depending on how fulfilled you become with ChatGPT, you'll indeed make and offer your possess GPTs on the platform. 

ChatGPT for accounting and Auditing

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